Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal

The Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal, most commonly referred to as the Lord Strathcona Medal, is the highest award which can be bestowed on a Royal Canadian Army Cadet in recognition of exemplary performance in physical and military training. Lord Strathcona’s objectives in establishing his endowment were to encourage the improvement of the physical and intellectual capabilities of cadets; and foster patriotism in cadets through the acquisition of a good knowledge of military matters.

  • have a high level of physical fitness;
  • have qualified to a training level not below Silver Star;
  • have met all requirements of the Corps mandatory training program and attended at least 75% of all parades;
  • have met all requirements of the corps optional training program and participated in at least 50% of scheduled activities;
  • have completed 3 years as a cadet; and
  • be regarded by peers and supervisors as exemplifying the model cadet.
  • Annually presented award (maximum of 1 per training year).

2019 Awardee:

The recipient of this award is: Sgt Nathanael Brotohusodo

Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence

The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence recognizes individual endeavors of a citizenship nature, which meet or enhance the aims and objectives of the cadet organizations.  Cadets who volunteer in the community outside of the Cadet program as well as community service events conducted by the Cadet Corps.  The medals are presented by individual Legion Branches who sponsor or support the individual Corps

  • met all requirements of the corps annual mandatory and optional training programs;
  • participated in a minimum of three community service events, in addition to those supported by the cadet corps;
  • regarded by peers and superiors as exemplifying the model cadet; and
  • enhanced the cadet corps through:
    • co-operation with peers and subordinates,
    • comradeship,
    • promoting goodwill and morale within the corps,
    • aiding in the development of group identity and cohesiveness,
    • supporting and assisting fellow unit members, and
    • his/her involvement in the local community.
  • Annually presented award (maximum of 1 per training year).

2019 Awardee:

The recipient of this award is: MWO Adeline Brotohusodo


The Army Cadet Service Medal

The Army Cadet League of Canada created this medal to recognize continuous meritorious Cadet service of at least five. The Medal was established in 2004 in celebration of the 125th year of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets.  To qualify for this award, a serving cadet must have successfully completed four years of honourable service with no serious infractions, and be recommended by the Cadet Corps Commanding Officer. Bars are available of six and seven years service.  All Army Cadets past or future shall be eligible for this award.  The medals are presented by The Army Cadet League.

2019 Awardee: 

The recipient of this medal for four years of service in the Cadet Corps is:  Major Tracy Silk, (nee Allie).

Commanding Officer’s Commendation

Established this year, 2005, the Commanding Officer’s Commendation is an award in recognition of outstanding deed or for an unprompted act of complete selflessness and consideration for one’s self in caring for subordinates above and beyond the call of duty.  This is an internal to the 105 RCACC Corps award.  The Award is also issued with a 105 RCACC Pin, which the Commanding Officer has authorized for visually wearing on the Cadet Dress Uniform on Corps Training and Formal Parades.  This is not an annually presented Award.

2019 Awardee:

Bombardier Delaney-Borges

Bombardier Maddison Delaney-Borges this Training Year, 2018 – 2019, stepped up into one of the three senior Cadet Leadership appointments, that of the Drum Major.  The appointment required her to directly assist the Band Director in the Leadership, Administration, Supervision and Management of the 105 RCACC Military Band.  As a Bombardier, in this appointment, she performed filling the role that would normally be filled by a Cadet bearing the rank of Warrant Officer or higher.

Second Lieutenant Shannon Pecore

In addition to her many volunteer activities outside of the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO), Second Lieutenant Shannon Pecore has been an invaluable asset to the 105 RCACC and the CCO; coordinating two Star Levels; training and assisting the Civilian Volunteer Administration Officer in her duties; coordinating Adult staff volunteer scheduling for the OLG requirements; fulfilling a role as a Regional Public Affairs Officer; as well as completing personal trades training and providing sound advice and council to subordinates, peers and superiors.

105 (Streetsville) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Challenge Coin

Issued entirely under the Commanding Officer’s discretion, these coins are usually presented to Presiding Officers, Reviewing Officers, end of tenure of Commanding Officer’s, Regimental Sergeant Majors, Drill Sergeant Majors and Drum Majors and upon departure of long term paid and volunteer staff.  Individually numbered and engraved, they can also be presented to any individual who has made substantial efforts to assist the Cadet Corps.

2019 Awardee:

CWO Gabriel D’Souza,

MWO Adeline Brotohusodo,

MWO Abhay Chitta,

MWO Andrew Fairhead,

MWO Gerald Lee,

WO Omer Ahmed Syed,

Major Paul Preikschas,

Major Luc Laverrière,

Major Peter Marshall, and

Major Tracy Silk

The Duke Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognized program for young people, building their skills to equip them for life and work. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development.  The award allows young people to determine what they are passionate about, regardless of their background, culture or access to resources.  The Award is completed in three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.  There are four Sections of activities for all Award levels: Service, Skill development, Physical recreation and Adventurous journey

2019 Awardee:


7 Toronto Regiment RCA Senior Leadership Trophy

Established in 2003, this Award is presented to the Cadet, of any rank, who has demonstrated on a regular basis the motivation, organization and administrative skills that make the guiding and leading other individuals successfully through the completion of assigned tasks.

2019 Awardee: 

The recipient of this award is: MWO Tanish Alfonso

Scott C Pay Trophy for Junior Leader:

The Scott Pay Trophy was presented to 105 RCACC by C/CWO Pay upon his ‘aging out’ of the Cadet program.  Cdt Pay worked his way up through the ranks and completed his cadet service as Cadet RSM in 1989.  He went on to the 7 Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery and received his commission. The requirements for awarding this Trophy are holding the rank of M/Bdr or lower and displaying consistently the enthusiasm for leadership, initiative, and a job well done.

2019 Awardee: 

The recipient of this award is: Bdr Teia Maitland

The Joseph Ryan Award For The Cadet Who Inspires Others To Excel In Dress, Deportment And Training:

Established in 2000, Mr. Joseph Ryan, a Dieppe Veteran, POW and long time Liaison Officer to 105 RCACC presented this award to 105 RCACC for the Army Cadet League of Canada (Ontario).  The award is presented to cadet who inspires others to excel in Dress, Deportment and Training.

2019 Awardee:

The recipient of this award is: Bdr Maddison Delaney-Borges

Regimental Sergeant-Major’s Award:

Created in 2002 the recipient of this award is decided upon by the RSM, the cadet who in their opinion, has best demonstrated esprite-de-corps, leadership, and been a role model for dress, deportment and discipline.

2019 Awardee:

The recipient of this award is: Gnr Noah Hambleton


Top Candidate – Green Star:

Awarded to the cadet who places at the top of their Green Star Level Class

2019 Awardee: Gnr Alex Morden


Top Candidate – Red Star:

Awarded to the cadet who places at the top of their Red Star Level Class

2019 Awardee: Bdr Joshua Okarfor


Top Candidate – Silver Star:

Awarded to the cadet who places at the top of their Silver Star Level Class

2019 Awardee: Bdr Karen Nayiga


Top Candidate – Gold Star:

Awarded to the cadet who places at the top of their Gold Star Class.

2019 Awardee: MBdr Darren Hoang


Top Candidate – Master Cadet:

Awarded to the cadet who places at the top of their Master Cadet Class.

2019 Awardee: MWO Andrew Fairhead


Most Improved Cadet:

Established as an award in 1996, this is presented to a cadet, of any rank, who has demonstrated a marked improvement between the beginning and the end of the training year, in any of the following areas: i) Drill, Dress and Deportment, ii) Cadet academic studies or iii) Development of Leadership or Public Speaking abilities.

2019 Awardee: Gnr Noah Hambleton

The recipient of this award is: Cadet Ashlyn Newell

Luc Laverriere Award for Most Improved New Recruit:

Established as an award in 2015, this is presented to a first-year cadet that exhibits the highest level of improvement and enthusiasm towards further Cadet training. To be eligible, a Cadet shall have joined after February 1st of the training year.

2019 Awardee:


The Mac Hunter Memorial Trophy (Best Yearly Attendance):

The Mac Hunter Memorial trophy was presented to the corps by Major Don Pelz. Mac Hunter and Major Pelz were two of the three members of the building committee that founded 105, which at its inception had The 25 Service Battalion as its Sponsoring Unit.  This committee met in the house next to the Post Office, and opposite the Winchester Arms, on Queen Street, Streetsville.  Established in 1989, it is presented to the cadet who has attended mandatory training, parades and exercises with a higher frequency than of their peers.  The RSM is excluded from receiving this award as the appointment carries with it the expectation of leading by example and therefore having the best attendance.

2019 Awardee: MWO Adeline Brotohusodo, and Sgt Nathanael Brotohusodo


Drill Proficiency:

Awarded to the cadet of any rank, who has demonstrated on a consistent basis a thorough knowledge of Canadian Forces drill, has used that skill and knowledge to improve the performance of drill of their peers, and subordinates.  Created in 1987.

2019 Awardee: Sgt Caleb Tang


Long Service – Good Conduct:

Created in 1981, this award is presented to a cadet, usually of mid to senior level, who has consistently over their cadet career (i.e. one year or more) proved to be a team player and is a role model for junior members.

2019 Awardee: MBdr Julian Capuano


Cadet Rachel Miller Memorial Award

In memory of Cadet Rachel Miller, age 13, who passed away from Reyes Syndrome in 1984.  Established to remember Rachel, for presentation at the Cadet Annual Review 1984, this award is presented annually to the Cadet who relates well with his / her peers and demonstrates a high level of co-operation, involvement and esprite-de-corps.  Presented by Captain Frank W. Tubbs, CD, CM, and Civilian Volunteer Norma Broadbent.  A similar award is presented annually at Loyola Catholic Secondary School.  

Presentation of this award was discontinued in 1991 and was re-established in 2018.

2019 Awardee:


The Golden Boot Trophy For Best Dress:

This trophy is presented to the Cadet who throughout the Training Year has consistently maintained themselves and their uniform above the average. Assessment is based upon the usual fundamental aspects of Dress: Uniform maintained clean and pressed, boots polished, hair maintained to standard, badges and accoutrements in appropriate locations. The Regimental Sergeant Major, Drill Sergeant Major and Drum Major senior appointments are not eligible for receiving this trophy as it is expected that they lead by example and will have the best kept uniform and person in the Corps. Input for the selection of this award is to be primarily drawn from those senior appointments as well as from Battery and Troop Commanders as well as Star Level Co-ordinators. Selection can be made by ballot so as to include Junior appointments on the selection committee. There will not be any notation added to the trophy itself as recipients will be added to the archived data base only. There will be only one recipient per training year and the recipient will receive a 105 (Streetsville) Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Challenge Coin. There is no requirement to present this annually if there are no members who excel in their dress.

2019 Awardee: 

The recipient for 2018-19 of The Golden Boot Trophy For Best Dressed Cadet of the Year is: MBdr Ishwinder Singh

Captain Adam Armit Best Troop Award:

Created in 1991 by Capt Adam Armit CD, (Ret’d), The Best Troop Trophy is to be presented to the best all round formed sub-unit within 105 RCACC.  The esprite-de-corps, morale and leadership of the variety of formed units within 105 allow Cadets to actually belong to a number of these sub units.  Examples include the drill team, the musketry team, the band, and of course, formed batteries of the corps.

2019 Awardee:

The Marksmanship ‘A’ Team members are:

Coach Lt Bianca Fung,

MWO Tanish Alfonso,

MWO Gerald Lee,

MBdr Qais Ibrahim

MBdr Ishwinder Singh, and

Bdr Antony Li

105 RCACC Military Band members are:

Band Director, Civilian Instructor Linda Worsley,

Drum Major Bdr Maddison Delaney-Borges

WO Benjamin Lee

Sgt Jack Phillips,

MBdr Samarjeett Gil

Bdr Melody Cao,

Gnr Noah Hambleton

Gnr Sherry Zhang, and

Cadet Ashlyn Newell

Peter Marshall Award for Shooting Proficiency:

Major Peter Marshal was the 7th Commanding Officer of 105 RCACC and a firm believer in rewarding the discipline that is required to become a marksman, creating the trophy in 1998, the trophy has been presented annually to the best all-round marksman in the Corps.

2019 Awardee:

The recipient of this award is: MWO Gerald Lee 

Captain Nichola K. S. Goddard, MSM, Memorial Top Shot Trophy

Established in 2017, this trophy is a memoriam to Captain Nichola Goddard, an Artillery Officer and crew commander, who was the first female Canadian combat soldier killed in combat on 17 May 2006, during a firefight in the Panjwaye District, Afghanistan.  It is presented to the Cadet with the highest shot score, either in-house or in competition, in Canada or abroad.  The FN FAL rifle is a gift to the Corps from Gunner Brian Clark (Retired).


The recipient of this award is: MWO Tanish Alfonso, with a single shot accuracy of 96 percent.


Band Directors Award:

Established in 1997, this Trophy is presented to the Cadet, of any rank, who has demonstrated on an regular basis the motivation and skill, that make the guiding and leading of other individuals successfully through the music program by challenging the individuals to strive to perform better. The selection is made by the Band Director with consultation with his / her staff. This Trophy can, however on occasion, in conjunction to being presented to a youth, can be presented to adult individuals from outside the Corps who have made outstanding contributions of their time to the Corps Band, either by instructing instructors or the Cadets themselves.

2019 Awardee:

The recipient of this award is: Bdr Maddison Delaney-Borges

Top Percussion Award:

Created in 1998, this award is presented to the Bandsman who has consistently shown that they can perform well on any of the following: Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Glockenspiel, Cymbals or other percussion instrument.

2019 Awardee: MBdr Samarjeet Gil


Top Horn Player Award:

Created in 1998, this award is presented to the Bandsman who has consistently shown that they can perform well on their selected Brass instrument.  (Can also include woodwinds, at the Band Director’s discretion.

2019 Awardee: Bdr Melody Cao


Most Improved Band Member:

Created in 1998, this award is presented to the Bandsman who the Band Director and his / her staff determine as actually demonstrated a marked improvement between the beginning and the end of the training year or who has demonstrated a consistent perseverance in an attempt to improve their skill level.

2019 Awardee:


Colonel Robert Perron Award for Excellence in Physical Fitness:

Presented to the top male and female Cadet who demonstrate the best physical fitness. The test involves completing all elements of the Cadet Fitness Assessment and is conducted annually. A Cadet shall be 15 or older and have completed Red Star training at the time of testing.

2019 Awardee: 

Captain Lorraine Van Ooyen Lighting The Way Award

This annual award is presented to an officer of any rank, any Civilian Instructor or Volunteer or any Support Committee Staff member who has demonstrated that they have gone above and beyond their rank or position, to teach, guide, mentor cadets or to show exemplary dedication to the Corps in a support role that is beyond normal expectations.

Although, Annual Ceremonial Review is a day to highlight and showcase the cadet achievements throughout the training year and to reward our cadets for extraordinary results, it should also be a time to recognize the people who helped make their success possible or to recognize those people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the Corps has the funds and equipment needed to succeed. We often overlook or take for granted the enormous amount of time and effort our adult staff put into the cadet program. Their participation and dedication cannot be overlooked because without them, our cadets would not succeed and the Corps would not be able to operate! As is the motto of the CIC, Illuminate Viam, the “Lighting the Way Award” hopes to bring recognition to deserving adult members of the 105 Army Cadet Corps!

2019 Awardee:

The recipient of this award is: Captain Nick Arrigo

The Army Cadet League of Canada Volunteer Service Medal

To qualify for this award, a member must have successfully completed a minimum five (5) continuous years of meritorious service with the Army Cadet Program and be recommended by the Branch or the National level where the member has served. An accompanying certificate and special lapel pin shall also be awarded. The distinctive silver lapel pin shall be the badge of the ACLC surmounted by an overlaid silver numeral graduated in increments of five (i.e.: 5, 10, 15, etc.) which shows the number of cumulative years of service by the recipient.

2019 Awardee: Mr. Roy D’Souza (10 years)


And the recipients of the Five Year Medal is : Mrs. Viola Amoroso, and

And the recipient for ten years’ service bar is: Mr. Roy D’Souza

Commissioning Scrolls

Officers in the Canadian Armed Forces receive a scroll commemorating their receiving the Queen’s Commission as Officers.  It is signed on behalf of HRH Queen Elizabeth II by the Governor General and by the Minister of National Defence.  It serves as a poignant reminder of the Officer’s duty, rights and responsibilities.